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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A day of relaxing....

So, I'm sitting at beautiful Dumont Dunes (right outside of Baker, California) watching the wind blowing by. And you know what? This is heaven on earth. No work tomorrow, no work today. It's a short week coming up. So thankful. So what is on the movies list for today?

1) Whatever it takes- Shane West! CAN YOU SAY YUMMY?
2) Cinderella Story (Chad Michael Murphy... yum)
3) Sixteen Candles (Jake Ryan... need I say more?)
4) Ten things I hate about you- (More yumminess)
5) Twilight (New moon in less than a month!)

And I must say, just watched hottie Rob Pattinson in the haunted airman... and... yawn. Was so not impressed.

Off to watch #3. Jakie baby and Long Duck Dong. Heck yeah.

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